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Local Financial Advise has over 80 years of combined team experience as financial advisors who provide comprehensive financial advice.

We pride ourselves in always acting in the best interest of our clients, which means no awkward sales pitch to purchase insurance or investment products.

The process at Local Financial Advise in Madison, WI starts and ends with you, the customer. If you are located outside of Madison, we will pair you with a Financial Advisor who best suits your current financial planning needs and concerns.

A team mentality allows us to have a wide range of expertise and resources to ensure we can help you find the best path for your financial future.

No product sales mean you are in control of the final details of your financial planning, our team will highlight the pros and cons of each option.

Local Financial Advise (LFA) of Madison WI
339 W Doty St
Madison, WI 53703
Mon-Sun 7:00am – 8:00pm
(608) 284-8399

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About Fee Only Financial Advisors in Madison, WI

Fee Only Financial Advisors are simply paid a flat fee or hourly rate to provide the advice best for your personal situation.

These individuals are commonly referred to as a fiduciary, and are there to act in your best interest (not that of a company selling a product) on the way to achieving your financial goals.

Most of these Financial Advisors will have the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Designation.

This is not to say there are not any reliable commission and fee based firms, but having a fee only CFP is the best way to find a Financial Advisor who will act with your best interest in mind, since they do not have any conflicts of interest.